We specialise in performance PA and DSP based control solutions, that integrate with lighting and audio visual systems for:
  • Theatre 
  • Live Music 
  • Night clubs 
  • Conference Venues 
  • Sports Stadia
  • Airports 
  • Stations 


Many of these systems must be integrated with life safety systems (for example, used as a fire alarm). PA voice alarm systems (PAVAs) are often designed with evacuation in mind but do not cater for prolonged listening. We ensure that systems can perform for entertainment as well as for life safety.

Whatever the environment, the fidelity of information is paramount. Whether a system is used for speech or music, we ensure that the reproduction is faithful to the original.

We bring your PAVA specification to life, with total clarity of design and documentation, expert advice for installation teams, and absolute integrity in compliance testing and commissioning.

We offer a wide range of design services including:
  • Specification interpretation 
  • Development of compliance requirements with testable statements  
  • Software configuration
  • Interface requirements (SMS etc.) 
  • Zone planning and calculations 
  • System definition and design 
  • Detailed equipment list and build design 

We can recommend the best equipment to ensure compliance with the relevant British and European standards. We also devise and perform Factory Acceptance Tests to prove: 
  • Compliance with BS5839 part 8 voice alarm systems  
  • Compliance to EN Standard EN54 part 16 PA & Voice Alarm 
  • Compliance to client specification 

To bring each project to a successful conclusion, we deliver expert commissioning services:
  • System measurements and fine-tuning
  • Operator training
  • Provision of maintenance manuals 
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